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Jefferson High School Headlines
School Picture Day
School Picture Day
Lafayette Jeff High School Picture Day September 2 
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JHS Information At A Glance
  • Over 120 performances in the music and theater department combined
  • 467 students participating in Jeff clubs
  • 612 students participating in athletics
  • 717 participating in music
  • 532 21st scholars
  • 8,760 total hours of music and sport programming through JEFF 92 radio
  • 18 different Advanced Placement courses
  • 40 clubs and activity opportunities for students beyond our music and sports
  • All 20 of the IHSAA team sports
  • 6 foreign languages including Russian, Japanese and Chinese
  • Offers a variety of different programs:
    • Fire and Rescue Academy, Health Services Courses, Emergency Medical Services, Extensive Culinary Arts, Building Trades, Career and Technical Education, and Visual Arts



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